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Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m a OCN Level 6 qualified Sleep Coach. I believe in a holistic approach to overcoming infant sleep troubles, understanding the whole child and their life within the family helps me to create a plan that addresses the broader picture. I am also a qualified Primary Teacher, so I believe in the important role that the early years have in shaping a child’s outlook and attachments in life. Through my teaching, I have an extensive range of behavioural techniques that can also help to tackle those worrisome tantrums and can help you to develop boundaries that suit your family, whilst always reinforcing positive behaviour. Helping and caring for children through enabling them to be happy and healthy, is what I live for. Making a difference to parent’s happiness is also so key, and as a parent, it is crucial to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.   

In 2019, I became a mummy for the first time to a baby boy, who changed our lives as a family in so many wonderful ways. In the early days, Rory was a dream, he would sleep for 2-3hours after feeds and would wake for his night feeds on demand, and although his feeds would take a while (40-50minutes) he would very happily go back to sleep with little fuss and persuasion. It wasn’t until he needed a more structured routine that we began to struggle. Rory loved motion naps, which meant to get him to sleep we walked him in the pram… for every nap! Unaware that we were only reinforcing his association even more. Unfortunately, the pandemic then hit, and we were only allowed to leave the house once a day. What were going to do? How would our baby sleep?

Initially, my husband and I began by taking in turns for our one walk a day. Although, once it was clear that the lockdown was going to be sticking around a while longer, we knew we had to address this and get Rory sleeping in his cot instead. We started by weaning him off the number of walks in the pram each day and although it really affected the lengths on naps; we were making progress. However, we then began to experience frequent nightwakings (4+ times a night), early waking anything from 4am onwards and most upsettingly a change in our son’s bubbly personality. Eventually, we also noticed a pattern that Rory would often completely refuse for his third nap of the day and after doing some research, it was clear that he was ready to transition to two naps a day. The nightwakings were getting worse and the early rising was now so early that we found ourselves going to bed at 8pm just to overcome our own tiredness. How were WE going to navigate our way through this?

One early morning, I reached out to a sleep coach, she was lovely and promised to help us every step of the way. The idea of her ‘holding our hands’ through the process jumped out at us as it made it seem so much more bearable and reassuring that we were making a positive change for our son and his troublesome sleep. During this process, we implemented small tweaks to our son’s routine, and he learned the new skills he needed to sleep through the night consistently and nap well (in his cot!). Our bubbly little boy was back and happier than ever!

The discovery into the education behind children’s sleep was fascinating to me as a teacher and I just wanted to learn more and more. So, after our son’s sleep had settled, I began looking into a course to study more about the mysteries of infant’s sleep… I wanted to help other parents to sleep better too. I wanted to find a course that sat right with my beliefs as a parent. I found the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program that’s holistic approach and gentle methods appealed to me; and I just wanted to learn more.  So, here I am, helping other parents and their little ones to sleep better. Because after all, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

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