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Top Tips For Newborn Sleep Patterns

As a parent, you’ll know just how important quality sleep is for growing children – and indeed the whole family! You may already know that studies have shown that adequate sleep can lead to improved overall physical and mental health. Sounds amazing right?

You may think that you’ll have to wait a while before exposing your newborn to a sleep routine. However, there are many safe and healthy sleep habits that you can instill right away, without pushing your baby to do anything they’re not ready for.

The first few months of a baby’s life can bring a unique set of sleep challenges. There’s a lot of variability in what babies are developmentally ready for at this age, so much of the standard baby sleep wisdom won’t always apply to your newborn’s sleep. Plus, you’ve already got a LOT going on. You’re also busy feeding, nurturing and getting to know this new human!

These simple newborn sleep tips can help to get you started:

  • Expose your baby to as much daylight as possible during daytime hours. This will help them to understand the difference between day and night and set a good foundation as their circadian rhythm begins to develop.

  • Encourage night time sleep by keeping it dark with little stimulation during your desired sleeping times.

  • If your baby is sleeping more during the day than at night, limit each individual nap to two hours. This will help address any day/night confusion.

  • Begin to use awake windows as a steer to your little one’s sleep. As a guide, newborns will be able to remain awake comfortably for 45mins – 1.5hour before needing another snooze. Try to observe baby's sleep patterns and identify signs of sleepiness before baby becomes too tired. These cues can include, yawning, getting a glazed/faraway look and fussing.

  • Understand that irregular schedules are normal and developmentally appropriate at this age. This will improve with time and the right foundation.

  • Try using rhythmic shushing and swaying to calm your fussy baby.

  • Consider wearing your baby in an age-appropriate baby carrier if they need to sleep but refuse to be laid down.

These are some of the common issues addressed in The Newborn Settle Package:

  • Day/night confusion

  • Irregular schedules

  • Short naps

  • Refusing to sleep unless held

  • Excessive crying

  • Late bedtimes

Sound familiar? Feel free to book a Free Discovery Call today!

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