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"When Jack was approaching 7 months old we reached out to Lauren at ‘Bear's Now Asleep’ for advice and support on the times and duration Jack should ideally be napping during the day in order for him to start sleeping through the night. We were very confused (and tired!) about the best thing to do after reading so many conflicting articles and books! 

After our initial consultation Lauren tweaked Jack’s routine slightly and talked us through her recommendations on what action we should take. In all honesty, we didn’t know what to expect but skip to a few days later and by following Lauren’s advice Jack had slept through the night for the first time ever and has continued to do so - it has been a game changer for us! We also now feel equipped with the necessary information to help with Jack’s sleep routine as he gets older too. 

Lauren is not only very supportive, but she really listens to each families personal situation and we worked together to find the solution that worked for Jack and our family. We can’t recommend and thank Lauren enough!" 


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"Lauren helped us at a huge time of need, when we were stuck in a sleep ‘rut’ and everything felt relentless. She instantly comforted us, in what felt like a virtual hug, and guided us in making small and gentle tweaks. We went from frequent night wakings, cat naps and rocking to sleep to longer naps and sleeping through the night. She also gave me the confidence to continue these changes as Mila has grown up, and the knowledge needed to know how to tackle each phase. She’s a miracle worker! We can’t thank her enough."


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"I cannot thank Lauren enough for the help she has given us. As a first-time mum, things can be so overwhelming with so much information to take in. Lauren really took her time to listen to our worries and gave us amazing advice that was easy to follow."


Railroad Set

"After working with Lauren to introduce a detailed plan the nightwakings have stopped! Our son had been waking numerous times during the night before reaching out to Lauren. With some tweaks to his daytime routine, his sleep environment and addressing the reasons behind his wake-ups we have now overcome them using strategies that we feel confident with."


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